Amethyst Sphere & Gray Moonstone Energy Chakra Orgone Pyramid

Living beings—people, animals, trees, other plants—don’t do well near these frequency blasters. The frequencies are incoherent with the planet and its life forms. People are sicker, not sleeping well, depressed, anxious, worn down. It is a real concern. I saw that orgone energy was one way to offset some of the harmful effects of technological fallout.

Our Chakra Orgonite pyramids emit intense, high-frequency vibrations that have been stored up from an accumulation of powerful Life Force energy. Not to mention how beautiful they are.

MOST CUSTOMERS ASK US: What are some of the other benefits of having a pyramid?

BEST ANSWER: People sleep better with the pyramids. But where the pyramid is placed at night is a very individual thing. There is a very psychic and energetically sensitive person we know who loves their pyramid, including how it affects their sleep. But the energy was too strong to have in their bedroom at night, so they moved it to another room—still benefiting from it but with the buffer zone that they needed. Other people like to sleep with their pyramid very close to their beds.   

There is such a variety of ways the pyramids can be used. We’ve received emails and phone calls from people who describe pain relief from placing their pyramid (base-end to body) directly on their body.

The pyramids are tools to help us hold a more harmonic space. To put it in practical terms, a screwdriver is helpful if you need a screwdriver. A hammer is helpful when you need to pound in a nail. The pyramids are helpful tools when you want to alleviate the EMFs from cellphones, wifi towers, and the like. They’re not necessarily going to make you enlightened, but they are certainly going to give you breathing room where you can do your meditation, rest more easily, or just relax more knowing that your home is a healthier environment.

From the feedback I receive from people, as well as my own experience, cats, dogs, and other pets are also drawn to the pyramids and like hanging around them. I think that’s a good sign.


Genuine gemstones and earth metals set in resin.
Infused with the Reiki symbol of power.
Pyramid geometry for protection from negativity.
Handmade by Master Artisans
Size: 60mm (L) X 60 mm(B) X 60mm (H)

This Orgone pyramid is made of copper coils, gold foil, natural crystal balls and quartz crystals permanently embedded in the resin to counteract negative energy. The powerful double-spiral energy circle maximizes the energy range of natural minerals, and it can significantly cause waveform changes as it approaches the oscilloscope. The pyramid is entirely handmade by us. The details are slightly different, but each quality is as beautiful as the photo, and the size is the same.

Amethyst in the seven round system corresponds to the eyebrow wheel. In the seven round yoga teaching of India, the eyebrow wheel is in charge of the wisdom and creativity, the insight into the world, the enhancement of intuition and the subconscious. The Amethyst can effectively develop the eyebrow wheel, which is very suitable for the friends who need a lot of brain activity. In western countries, amethyst is regarded as the guardian of love, giving love to love chastity, honesty and courage, and allowing couples to get deeper love.
In Greek mythology, amethyst is a symbol of the mystical vitality of the Dionysian Barkis's Bacchus. The Dionysus, Barkis, can transform the exo erotic vitality into the introverted erotic emotion through the Amethyst, and makes a greater love temptation. Amethyst can develop intelligence, smooth emotion, improve intuition, help think, concentrate on power, increase memory ability, enhance interpersonal relationship, give people courage and strength. Representing Gao Jie's steadfast love is often regarded as the love stone of lovers. Amethyst in western countries also represents the "Guardian stone of love", which can give lovers and husbands deep love, chastity, honesty and courage.
Amethyst is known as a geomantic stone and energy stone in Japan. It is legendary that it has powerful energy to improve the individual's magnetic field and tone, and to bring more good luck and protection.
The five lines of Amethyst are fire, the master leader can control, can eliminate the hegemonic, bring the noble people, and have the heart to serve the people, so that the subordinates can serve them from the heart.

Moonstone helps sleep. Its energy is soft, delicate and penetrating, and has the characteristics of melting and diffuse. It can bring gentle manners and elegant manners to people. Putting the Moonstone under the pillow can help people sleep safely, have a good night's rest and prevent sleepwalking at the same time.
Moonstone helps to think. For the brain's thinking and channeling, it helps clear thinking, improve temperament, speech, behavior and atmosphere. We suggest using Moonstone to improve the temperament from the inside out, to bring calm manner, and elegant attitude.
Moonstone is a gentle and strong gem that attracts love. It radiates romantic sentiment. It is the best token of love. It attracts partners and makes feelings more harmonious.

Orgone features: continuous work; converts negative energy into positive energy; purifies the atmosphere, detoxifies water; helps plants grow better; often treats insomnia and chronic nightmares; helps awaken your innate heart-inspired officer. Provide strong vitality support, maintain human health, energetic, and reduce physical damage caused by environmental pollution.

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