Charoite Gemstone & Turquoise Orgone Energy Pendant Necklace

Each Orgone Energy Pendant Necklace is handmade to order and just as beautiful as the photos.

Orgone Energy is used to protect and promote spiritual and psychological energy for all humans and our pets within our home. 

Please note they are not a replacement for doctors or health care professionals if medical treatment is needed.

Handmade to Order.

Materials: Resin, Gold-plated, Leather rope chain, Charoite & Turquoise Gemstones
Genuine gemstones and earth metals
Infused with the Reiki symbol of power.
Orgone geometry for protection from negativity.
Handmade by Master Artisans
Size: 1.5 Inch (40 mm)
It is equipped with leather rope and can be worn at any time.
In the east, Charoite Gemstones are usual called purple dragon quartz. The dragons in the East represent peace, power, and spirit. Purple is the most noble color in Eastern culture. Purple dragon quartz is considered to have a strong evil protector effect.Helping to eliminate the mysteries of your subconsciousness, helps you see the truth of the facts, not be confused with the appearance, gain true knowledge and wisdom. It can eliminate the bitterness from within, bringing warmth, compassion, joy, open-mindedness and a sense of humor .

From a scientific perspective, turquoise is rich in various trace elements required by the human body, which has a great promoting effect on human health and has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and sterilizing, calming and lowering blood pressure. It can help strengthen the body, enhance the body's immune function, eliminate illness, stabilize the mood, and enhance the brain's ability to respond. Turquoise also promotes cell regeneration
Turquoise is the 12th zodiac stone. Turquoise stones have spirituality and it is said that the stone can sense the heart of the owner and eliminate the disease they might have.

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